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Keeping a Straight Poker Face When You Know You’ve Won

The concept of Poker Face is not alien to both gamblers and non-gambler. It is a metaphorical mask which hides the wearer’s emotions and confuses their opponents. In the gambling world, emotions can easily hint to a gambler’s situation or hand, something you don’t want other players to find out. However, one thing you should know is that this mask is hard to perfect. In addition to requiring a lot of time and practice, the following tips are essential for the perfect straight poker face.

Keep a Blank Face

Keep a blank and cold look for an effective poker face. Poker is not spielautomaten. Here you need to think a head. You can achieve this by keeping your emotions in check. Doing so will also keep others from guessing what is going on in your mind. This is especially important if you have landed a good hand and don’t want to give your position away. Keeping a blank face also prevents others from predicting your next move. You can take a leaf out of professional poker players’ books and practice your poker face in the mirror before a game so that you can perfect it throughout your gameplay.

Stay Calm and Relaxedpoker face

Relaxation plays an important role in all kinds of sports. In poker, it is even more important as emotions run high and need to be controlled. Even the slightest nervousness can give away your position. Force your insides to be calm and relaxed and it will eventually show on your face. Even if you are a little nervous inside, maintain your composure on the outside because other players will be looking for moments of hesitation.

Poker Face is More than Just A ‘Face’

Poker face is not just about facial expressions. The whole body language plays a part. You might maintain the perfect poker face, but you can weaken your position by opening your mouth. Your tone and voice can reflect your nervousness, and this can benefit your opponents by uncovering where you stand.  Besides having control over how and what you speak, there also other habits you should avoid practicing while playing, such as scratching your head, breathing too hard or quickly, toying with your hair, tapping the desk, and playing with your hands. All of these indicate that you’re too nervous about something and can alert your opponents before you divulge your cards.

Keep Both Positive and Negative Emotions in Check

A poker face isn’t only used for hiding negative emotions, such as nervousness; many professionals use it to cover their happiness or excitement over a winning hand. You may have to use a poker face to hide your joy if you’re playing at high stakes or with friends and associates.  If you are in a winning situation, try to win gracefully. It is okay to smile a little and have that it-is-all-over-look, but only do so in the end of the game. On the other hand, lose with pride and act as if it was all part of the plan and just concentrate on the next game. Professional players often do not react after winning or losing small amounts, an action that spites their opponents and makes them the real winners of any game.

In addition to the aforementioned tips, you should remember one thing: don’t stress yourself while trying to pull off a successful poker face. If you go at it too hard, you may draw attention to yourself and present yourself as a fool. After all, everyone in the gambling sphere knows about poker faces even if they can’t pull them off themselves. So, act natural and breathe along to stay cool while you play.

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